Koppur Rumani (1Kg/3Kg Box) | Naturally Ripened and Carbide Free


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Aroma: Sweet smelling.
Flavor: Sweet in taste.
Texture: Juicy pulp.
Color: Round in shape.

Description: Shriven’s focal product Mangoes are back and we are proud to offer certified “Carbide Free Naturally Ripened” Mangoes this season through our brand Mango Point. This summer, lets go with Mango Point!

Rumani Mangoes are also known as Ice-Cream Mangoes or Apple Mangoes, have an excellent flavor and are juicy in texture. They are rich in carotenoids which is a precursor of vitamin A & E. This one is from the region of Koppur Village in Tiruvallur district, Which is known for Tastiest Mangoes.

Quantity: Each piece weighing approx. 300-500 grams

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  • 1 KG
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