Mango Millet Muesli – 30g x 6 Packs


Millets and Mangoes are superfood of our region, a gift to human kind from nature to keep us healthy, build our immune, stay fit and energetic

How to Eat:

  1. Take 50 Gms of Mango Quinoa Muesli in a Bowl
  2. Mix it with a cup of Milk or Yoghurt, optionally you can add fresh fruits
  3. Enjoy the spoonful of benefits


  1. Just snack it as is

Ingredients: Mixed Millet Flakes, Dried Mango, Raisins, Dried Cranberry, Almonds, Cashews

Muesli, as we all know, is a healthy and delicious alternative to unhealthy food items. It is usually consumed for breakfast or scrumptious brunches or tasty yet healthy mid-meal snacks. Millet muesli is an absolute blend of protein and fiber-rich nuts, dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, and Millets. MangoPoint adds our own twist with generous amount of dried Mango slices. Millet Muesli is a healthy combination without any unhealthy preservatives and added sugar content.

  1. Keeps you full and satisfied for long, controls blood sugar, prevents type-2 diabetes
  2. Healthier and Natural compared to other packaged cereals
  3. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  4. High in Fiber
  5. Rich in Anti-Oxidants

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If you are into cereal, you will love the flavor and texture of Mango Millet Muesli – 30g x 6 Packs. It is a perfect blend of protein and fiber-rich nuts as well as dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, almonds and Millets. This product is preservative free with added sugar and also tastes absolutely great with milk. The rich variety of Millet, dried fruits, and Mango pieces makes for a light meal that will feed your hunger without weighing you down. It has no cholesterol or preservatives and offers your body a natural energy kick. After it has been opened, put the product in an airtight container that is clean and dry. An infestation may develop and the product may get soggy from extended storage and exposure to the environment. For the finest dining experience, it is suggested that you consume it within 30 days.

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