Mango Nuts and Berries – Trail Mix

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Naturally dried Mangoes combined with the goodness of Nuts and Berries to make our own Home Made MangoPoint Exclusive Trail Mix


The best snacking choice throughout your day that is both tasty and healthy. Fight the pandemic with the essential Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients. Packed with right combination of dried fruits and nuts providing all that you need to maintain your weight and build your immunity. Made special by our own Mangoes, grown, processed and dried in our backyards


Ingredients: Roasted Almond, Roasted Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Black Raisins, Dried Cranberry, Dried Mango


Zinc from Pumpkin Seeds and Berries

Vitamin C from Dried Mangoes and Cranberry

Iron, Calcium and Potassium from Raisins

Proteins from the nuts

Beta Carotene from Dried Mangoes

Omega 3 and Anti Oxidants from the nuts

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  • 100 Gms


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