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Alphonso Mango Pulp


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With Golden Orioles, MangoPoint shares the love of the nature to the world. Beautiful Mangoes Orchids in South India are abundant with delicious Mangoes inviting buzzing bees, tweeting birds and people around the world to taste their delicious fruits. The love of Mango is about sharing and letting others experience its taste and flavour. One day a man with big bag climbed the mango tree, plucked all the Mangoes and filled in his bag. As the Mangoes realized that the man was taking all the mangoes for himself, they started tumbling out of bag and few away from his grab. This is how Mango Bird, The Golden Orioles (Mankuyil in Tamil) were born. MangoPoint’s Golden Orioles bring home to share the deliciousness, sweetness and the flavour of Mangoes.

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