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Fresh Mangoes
Breakfast Cereals and Bars

- Naturally dried fruits, nuts and millets are perfect way to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

- With natural ingredients, carefully picked, sorted and packed with utmost care, enjoy your snacks and breakfast with MangoPoints Nutreat - Eat Right.. Every Bite!

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Fresh Mangoes
Golden Orioles Jams and Sauces

- MangoPoint's Golden Orioles bring home to share the deliciousness, sweetness and the flavour of Mangoes through our perfectly blended Jams, Preserves and Sauces.

- Roll on the Jams and Sauces to your breakfast, snacks, gourmet foods and more.

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Fresh Mangoes

Mango pickles

- MangoPoint brings you Spickles - Premium Gourmet Mango Pickles made from our post-harvest managed Chemical Free Mangoes.

- “Spickles - Pickles with Spice” are homemade with authentic spices, grinded and mixed to perfection.

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Fresh Mangoes
Pulp and Juices

- MangoPoint brings you Aamrita Mango Pulp and Juice products made from our post-harvest managed Naturally Ripened Chemical and Carbide Free Mangoes.

- Aamrita, Nature's gift is the King of Pulps and Juices from the King of Fruits.

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From the Land of Mangoes, we come with one vision in mind, “To deliver the natural source of Mangoes in its purest form to all”.

MangoPoint connects the celebrated orchards of South India to the world by delivering the delicious Mangoes in their pristine natural form.

Embrace your every day with Mangoes blended with the right ingredients to curate a healthy diet that tastes great!

Carbide Free

Natural Ripening

Thondaimandalam Mangoes

Handpicked with Care

South India’s Mango Belt, the Thondaimandalam, where the Pallavas are revered, is home to Mango Orchards covering green landscape across many square kilometers with over 200+ varieties of Mangoes. Every Orchard, Every Tree, and its Fruits have their own story that brings the uniqueness of the fruit, perfectly preserved, packed, and delivered to your doorstep by MangoPoint!

5 Lakh+

Mangoes Sold

50K +

Orders Delivered

20K +

Happy Customers


Mango Varieties

Mangoes have been the epitome of our culture and diversity with the Mango Orchard gifted to Buddha, divine fruit that Karaikkal Ammayar served his shivaite, Alauddin Khilji’s Mango Feat in Sivama Fort and gifting Mango boxes to Queen Elizabeth. The tradition is alive with our MangoPoint Fresh Mangoes and Gourmet Mango Products!


Mangoes are tasty and healthy too. MangoPoint Naturally Ripened Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have been associated with many health benefits, including potential anti-cancer effects and improved immunity, digestive, eye, skin, and hair health.



The orchards in the Thondaimandalam, comprising the present-day Northern Tamilnadu, Southern Andhra Pradesh, and Southeast Karnataka, is known for its delicious tasting Mangos over 200+ varieties. Situated in the center of Thondaimandalam, MangoPoint’s Mango Packhouse covers over 10 thousand hectares of Mango Farms producing over 10+ Lakh MT of Mangoes every year. All our Mangoes come from identified orchards from the locality, properly post-harvest treated, naturally ripened, hygienically packed and delivered in a box symbolizing our love and care for this Mango eco-system.

Always Fresh

Over 200 + types of mango variants with unique taste

Super Healthy

Zero Trans-fat, Zero Cholesterol

100% Naturals

Packhouse covers over 10,000 hectares of Mango Farms producing over 25Lakshs MT of Mangoes every year

Premium quality

Superior Quality of Mangoes delivered globally. Eco – friendly packaging

All our fresh Mangoes are Carbide Free and Chemical Free, naturally ripened and breaks the myth of Mango Intolerance. Mango acts as a superfood that promotes hair growth and skin elasticity; Anti-Ageing effect is aided by Vitamin C in Mango, which prevents sagging and wrinkling


We have around 25+years of expertise in Mango Farming, Harvesting & Distribution.
We have quality assured farm to fork process with the first and only APEDA and PQ Certified Farm Infrastructure for Mangoes


We have sold over 5 lakh+ Mangoes with more than 20,000+ happy clients.

Quality Assured

Customer Centric

Prompt Delivery


MangoPoint Pulp is a very different taste from that available on the market. !! Is this how naturally ripen mangoes taste!! Smells so nice. Worth the buy
Rekha TMS
One of the best mangoes I had this season. I ordered the 3kg banganapalli pack and me and my family absolutely loved it !!! They were juicy and tasted divine…. I will definitely order from them again
Karthick Rajamani
MangoPoint has become an indispensable part of our daily lives providing the choicest fruits and vegetables, thanks to the MangoPoint team for smart coordination.
Prema Sridhar
Absolutely good experience. Ordered 3 times so far and got high-quality vegetables and mangoes. During the pandemic, have been ordering online from different sources, but found Mangopoint to be the best, Their veggies are fresh.
Subramanian K K
Just ordered during the lockdown.. right from packaging to taste.. everything was topnotch. Keep up the good work 😁
Udhayanan Velu
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