Good Faith Farming & Processing Practices

Mangopoint delivers Natural produces by encouraging and training the farming community to practice good faith farming methods through organic, natural farming methods and limiting the use of chemicals in traditional methods. Our processing facility and products are also thoroughly natural devoid of any chemicals or any other preservatives. We proudly supply Chennai’s only certified Carbide Free, Chemical Free, Naturally Ripened Mangoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables

International Standards for Quality Control

Mangopoint ensures that the produces reaching to the end consumers are subject to the best in class standards and quality control methods to ensure that it is safe for consumption and devoid of any harmful chemicals during Post Harvest Management of all Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Cutting edge technology for speed & accuracy

Farm fresh to fork necessitates careful planning of logistics and transportation. At Mangopoint we use latest of technologies to ensure that the fresh products from Farms are quickly transferred to our warehouse and to the retail outlets, sea port, airport and end consumers. The products are stored and transported through climate controlled chambers that are accurately monitored through state of art technologies.

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