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Our Integrated Pack House has the most modern structure built as per APEDA and NCCD norms. The Pack House is built in Thiruvallur district close to the farming area with abundant supply of Mangoes and other perennial fruits and vegetables like Sapota, Guava, Okra, Brinjal etc.

The integrated Pack House has:

  • Receiving area, with a covered shaded area
  • Covered sorting and grading area
  • Sorting & grading conveyors with mechanized rollers
  • Mechanized washing and drying area
  • Hot water dip immersion treatment
  • Designated packing area

Pre-Cooling Unit: Specialized cooling room that rapidly removes field heat from fresh produce after harvest and prepares the cargo for subsequent shipping.

Ripening Chamber: The fruits processed in the Pack House will be treated with ethylene gas (100 ppm) in airtight room by exposing them for 24 – 48 hrs. under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, for ripening purpose.

Cold Room: The Pack House has multiple chambers of insulated and refrigerated chambers for cold staging and storage for different products at their respective optimal temperatures.

The pack-house also has reefer truck fleet for further transportation to both domestic market and export.

Export Services

Export Services to Exporters, Traders, Cold Chain Merchants
  • As APEDA and the importing countries continue to become quality conscious and impart standards and regulations, there is a need for proper infrastructure that caters to these export norms as set by APEDA and the importing countries. Mango in specific.
  • Currently exporters of fruits and vegetables in the state of Tamilnadu, specifically in the regions of Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Vellore are suffering due to lack of infrastructure that satisfies the export norms laid out by APEDA.
  • Shriven as its first step into plugging this gap has established integrated packhouse with mechanized sorting, grading and packing, with hot water treatment facility, pre-cooling, ethylene based ripening chamber and multi-product cold storage.
  • Exporters can make use of this facility by registering themselves and the source of their produces. For a nominal usage fees, exporters can get their produces processed through the packhouse facilities as per APEDA norms and made ready for PQ clearance.
  • The packhouse is placed conveniently near Chennai with easy access to both the Airport and the sea port. The packhouse has 4500 sqft of processing area with adequate parking space, designated receiving and dispatch areas.
  • Irrespective of the source, Exporters can use this facility and the packhouse also connects the exporters to the local farmers and available produces for direct procurement for a nominal cess. Currently the packhouse has a database of over 2000 acres with various produces and varieties.

Retail Services

Retailing of Quality Mangoes to Retailers, ecommerce and other direct selling domestic markets
  • The norms specified by APEDA and importing countries are ensure that the quality of the produces. We at Shriven believe that our domestic market also should be served such high quality produces that they can trust is safe and healthy. This application of technology enables to reduce the waste and connect the farmers directly to market, making sure that the right products are promoted to end customers without cutting deep into retailers wallets.
  • We encourage retailers to embrace and adapt this meticulous process that ensures only products of highest standards reaches your deck
  • As an example, Mangoes are properly de-sapped, so the sap spills does not damage the fruits and at the same time infected fruits are carefully removed.
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