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Nadusalai / Pether Mango (1Kg/3Kgs/5Kgs Box) | Naturally Ripened and Carbide Free


Aroma: Pleasing aroma

Flavour:  Excellent taste

Texture: Juicy pulp, perfect for Aamras

Color: Yellow in color after the ripening process

Estimated Delivery around 24 hours

Aroma: Pleasing aroma.
Flavor: Excellent taste.
Color: Yellow in color after the ripening process.

Description: Mangopoint brings you “Carbide Free and Chemical Free” Naturally Ripened Mangoes this fresh season. Bright, new, hygienically packed, delivered to your doorstep

Nadusalai mango also known as Peter / Pether in a few places is especially known for its aesthetic medicinal values. It is one of the most liked mangoes by people in and around Chennai. Nadusaalai mangoes give a pleasant aroma when ripened completely. Excellent taste with medium-sized mangoes

Quantity: Each piece weighing approx. around 250 g

Brix Value: 18%

Note: Mangopoint promises Carbide Free and Chemical Free Mangoes fresh from the farm. Mangoes tend to get sweeter as the season peaks and best tasted between February to August..

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