Totapuri mango pulp – Overview

Totapuri mango pulp is extracted from fresh, mature, and selected ripened Totapuri mango fruits. Cultivated primarily in Andhra Pradesh, these mangoes are also grown in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Recognizable by their golden yellow color and beak-like pointed end, Totapuri mangoes, also known as Bangalora, Ginimoothi, Kili Mooku, and Sandersha, are favored for processing due to their larger size, smaller seed, and higher pulp content. This seasonal fruit is available from May to July.

Mangopoint is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Totapuri mango pulp in India. Our production of high-quality Totapuri mango puree occurs in hygienic, state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our products are globally exported, reflecting our commitment to quality. 
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