Neem Powder – 226 Gms


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Antibacterial Potential: One of the most widely recognized benefits of neem oil, leaves, tea, and every other derivative is its strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. This comes into play both internally and externally, which is why neem is considered to be such a general tonic for the immune system and as a simple way to keep your overall health better protected.


Benefits : Antibacterial Potential, Gastric Health, Diabetes Treatment, Reproductive Health, Treates Dandruff, Detoxifying Effects, Acne Treatment for Skin, Pore Size, Fungal Infections.


How to consume : Morning – Mix 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Boil the content for a few minutes. once the water gets warm, filter the content and drink it before food. Repeat the same for Evening.


How to use : Apply the paste to the affected area on the Scalp for Dandruff and Skin.

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