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Grand Mango Delight


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Description :

Celebrations of our festivals brings sweet memories of our great times together. Mangoes are epitome of nostalgia and true celebration is when we bring back the days of nostalgia live. That is why MangoPoint has put together your fond memories of mangoes and made it an experience for all year round. The sweetness of mangoes is now safe too with MangoPoint’s promise of products made from carbide free naturally ripened mangoes. Let your world get sweeter, happier, and healthier by adding MangoPoint to your celebration boutique.


We have put up a combo gift box that includes:

Chilli Dried Mango: Mango and spice are an evergreen combination, the real mango slices sundried is gently tossed with our desi paprika, rock salt and other spices. We bet you cannot resist this flavour.

Mango Bite: The effervescent Aam papad, made from real mango pulp, carbide free naturally ripened. Made at our award-winning factory with utmost hygiene and good manufacturing practices, makes you want this more.

Mango Spice: Spice is indigenous to our culture and a perfect mix of Sweet, Tangy raw mango with carefully hand crushed spices will surely bring back your school days of raw mangoes tossed with chilli powder and salt.

Mango After meal: Mango’s sweet id duelled with the after taste of cumin, coriander, and other spices, making it a great after meal dessert for ever loving desi sweet tooth. Perfect as is and for making your own mango pan.

Mango Refresh: Start your day of celebration with a refresh of cinnamon added to the sweet mango to brighten up your mood and add energy that lasts all day long. A perfect morning snack that can duel up as your breakfast topping.

Mango Fresh: Alphonso’s are truly king of mangoes and is hard to find when not in season. That is why we made special Alphonso fruit bar, king of all our fruit bars with the taste of Konkan Alphonsos packed to perfection.

The gift box contains :

  1. Chilli Dried Mangoes 100 Gms – 1
  2. Mango Bite – 24
  3. Mango Spice – 24
  4. Mango Fresh – 24
  5. Mango Refresh – 24
  6. Mango After Meal – 24
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