Vasaka Powder – 226 Gms


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Description :

Adhatoda Vasica is an amazing herb with loads of medicinal uses. From treating cough and indigestion to bleeding gums, it does have wide medicinal uses. The alkaloids in adhatoda makes it very very effective in getting rid of the phlegm.
Adhatoda is best avoided by pregnant ladies and should not be given for very young babies.

Uses :

• Aides with cough in Adults, removing phlegm, and Bleeding Gums.
• Natural Remedy for Indigestion and flatulence.
• Natural coolant and its juice is said to be used as a poultice for treating all kinds of skin ailments as it is very soothing.
• Possess anti-inflammatory properties and said to be used as an external poultice for treating all the inflammations.

How to consume :

Morning – Mix 2-4 gms ( 1-2 tbsp ) with warm water/milk in a day.

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