Aloevera Powder – 226 Gms


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Description :

Excellent natural antibiotic, strengthens digestion, prevents the formation of gas, and helps to improve large intestinal flora.Purifies the blood, aids digestion of protein, and promotes proper metabolism in the body.
Treats chest congestion, menstrual discomforts, and many more ailments. Helps to boost weight loss and immunity. Natural Moisturizer for Skin
How to use :
Morning – Mix 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Boil the content for a few minutes. once the water gets warm, filter the content and drink it before food. Repeat the same for Evening Dosage after dinner.
Drink half a cup of the clear gel at night on an empty stomach before going to bed. Within a few days, the stomach ulcer is gone.

How to apply : 
Apply the paste on your face and keep it on for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

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